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Teaching Rhythms

When teaching rhythms to primary students, I heard of this great idea a while back that my students enjoy and understand. I call a quarter ... [Read this tip]

Literature Circle Resources

Here are some excellent resources for teachers who need help with implementing literature circles in their classrooms. by Harvey Daniels is …  by Jeni Pollack ... [Read this tip]

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem Lesson Idea

If you are looking for a quick lesson for the Thanksgiving holiday, you may want to consider an acrostic poem. Introduce students to the format ... [Read this tip]

Classroom Door Decorations Idea: Student Questions

Fourth graders are very inquisitive and can always come up with some great questions but at inopportune times. I have sticky notes on the side of my door for students to write down questions of an educational nature (you need to define “educational nature” with your students ahead of time) and stick up for later.

Columbus Day Writing Activity

With Columbus Day ahead, we have been studying Christopher Columbus and what life was like back then. We have done several activities and have also read various books about Columbus, his crew, and the hardships involved.

What if Journal Questions

Here’s an activity that will get your students’ imaginations flowing.  Either as a whole group or as a journal writing activity, have students respond to ... [Read this tip]

Learning Centers

There is a wonderful book out there called “Practice with Purpose: Literacy Work Stations for Grades 3-6” by Debbie Diller. When you think of centers, ... [Read this tip]


I help my 5th graders with tracing silhouettes.  After they have cut them out they find words and phrases in magazines to add to their ... [Read this tip]

First Day Bingo

As an icebreaker on the first day of school I have played Name Bingo with my second graders. I give each student a blank bingo ... [Read this tip]

Cozy Classroom

To give my classroom a more comfortable feel, I recently replaced all of my plastic book bins with baskets found at yard sales and flea ... [Read this tip]