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Literature Circle Resources

Here are some excellent resources for teachers who need help with implementing literature circles in their classrooms. by Harvey Daniels is …  by Jeni Pollack Day is …  by Amy […]

Tissue Boxes to Reinforce Skills

Square tissue boxes make for a fun game that can reinforce all sorts of skills across the curriculum. I cover each side with a concept I want to reinforce, using […]

Sock Letters

This is a tactile letter game you can introduce as a whole group and then have students play as a small group during center time. Place plastic or foam letters […]

Retractable Clothesline

I use a clothesline for word families and unit words.  I write the words on index cards and hang them up on the clothesline with clothespins.  When we have finished […]

Reading Pointers

To help my kindergartners become more confident readers, I have pointers available for them to use during self-selected reading time.  I use Popsicle sticks with fun pom-poms or rubber animal […]