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Valentine Heart Crafts

As a center activity, I gave my students the choice to make one or more of the following heart crafts. I provided the materials to ... [Read this tip]

Dental Health – Toothy Smile Craft

Here is a cute craft I just did with my kindergarteners which would be a fun activity with the early elementary grades as well.  I ... [Read this tip]

Christmas Wreath Craft

I just did this with my kids and it was simple enough for my first graders to do without much assistance. I used a paper ... [Read this tip]

New Year’s Noise Makers

Here’s a great craft for the new year’s celebration.  Give the kids something fun to do on that dreaded first day after winter break! Noise ... [Read this tip]

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

Instead of gingerbread houses, I make ice cream cone Christmas trees with my kids every holiday season. Using cone shaped sugar cones, green icing (you ... [Read this tip]

Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

To make a candy cane ornament, I simply have students, using one red and one white pipe cleaner, twist the red one around the white ... [Read this tip]

Hand and Foot Reindeer Craft

To make a reindeer, you can use either brown paper bags, construction paper, or poster board. Have children trace one shoe and both hands onto ... [Read this tip]

Christmas Paper Chains

If you are looking for an easy Christmas craft, have you thought about making paper chains with your kids? I make these every year, we ... [Read this tip]

Handprint Paper Wreath

Here’s a great Christmas / holiday activity I do every December with my first graders. What you’ll need is green and red construction paper, pencils, ... [Read this tip]

Make Your Students’ Artwork Sparkle!

To give your students’ artwork a special sparkle, what you need to do is have your kids paint the part of the picture that needs ... [Read this tip]