Back to School Venn Diagram

Next Steps

Have students learn more about each other using a giant, human venn diagram.  Plus, it’s a fun back to school ice breaker!

Lay out two big rope circles on the floor and have some of your children stand around the circles.  Make sure to include students of both genders who have siblings.

Ask those with brothers to stand in the left and those with sisters in the right circle.  It may help to label both sides.  At this point some kids will point out that they have siblings of both genders.  Have students brainstorm ways to fix this problem – overlapping the two circles into a venn diagram.

Now you can ask more questions to extend this activity such as who has a cat and who has a dog?  Or whose family has a car and whose has a van?

It’s a great way to introduce the concept of a venn diagram.

By: Becky in Concord, NH


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